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Everyone knows that the most exotic way to travel is by cruise boat. Imagine waking up in the morning with a beautiful view of the open blue ocean or another country or island you have never seen before!

Exotic Places in South America

Bolivia - Letters from the Snowy Desert: Siloli

Atlas' Latin America traveler Ali Murat Atay was in Bolivia this time on deserted territory with practically no settlements. In his journey across the south west of the country Ali Murat walked on the endless whiteness of Uyuni Salt Lake. He saw snow fall on the Siloli Desert at an altitude of 4,000m.

Rio's Fantasies

The shores of Rio where the indigenous people set their tents prior the Portuguese occupation are now full of bold women parading in "fio dental" swim suits which have replaced the craze for the tanga.

Jamaica - The Caribbean Soul

Searching for identity and with an outlook of their own, Jamaicans have created a new philosophy, a combination of religion, political philosophy, nature, and music that has become ready to influence the mainstream system of government

Cuba - Two Worlds - One Country

Pulsating African rhythms, supple Mediterranean tones... Santeria holy men who can predict the future... Food by a ticket system... In Cuba which slid with surprising speed into socialism after the revolution new winds of change are blowing. Even if only on a small scale trade is now free.

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