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Eilat Point - Shopping 

The well known fact is that shopping is an integral part of any vacation. Whatever it is that you're looking for, you'll be sure to find something that will please your taste and suite your budget in one of the dozens of attractive shops and shopping centres scattered throughout the city.

Shopping in Eilat is especially worthwhile, since its status as a free trade zone allows Eilat to offer most products and services free of Value Added Tax which means a very significant discount of 17% off every purchase.

Its modern, air-conditioned shopping malls hold outlets of most of Israel's major chain stores as well as fashion boutiques, jeweiry stores, toy stores, books, sports equipment, souvenirs, and much more.

Eilat is the only city in the State  of Israel to enjoy the status of a free trade zone. One of the conspicuous advantages conferred by this status is larger purchasing power, as all products (with exeption of cigarettes and some electrical appliances) and services are exempt from Value Added Tax in Eilat.

The Red Canyon

The Red Canyon shopping centre is located on HaTmarim Boulevard. There you will find coffee shops, three movie thatres, clothing and shoe shops, book stores and souvenirs, hairdressers and more. At the far side of the Red Canyon, you will find the commercial centre of Eilat, with the central branch of the post office, the income tax and VAT offices, the National Insurance office, the Arkia airlines reservations offices and more.

If you are staying in an apartment hotel in town, you can drop into the Hypercol in theRed Canyon and pick up all that you need for your temporary kitchenette.

The Market

On thursdays, the plaza near the Red-Canyon turnes into the most bustling spot in Eilat, when the entire area turnes into an open air market.

In the Eilat Market (Shuk) you can do your shopping for everything - from fruites and vegetables through clothing, shoes, art work and souvenirs.

Mall Hayam

Mall HaYam is the new shopping and entertainment centre in Eilat. The mall is located at the entrance to the tourist area of the city, concentrating in it well known brands such as "Golf", "Kitan", "Sbarro", "MacDonald's, Shekem Gallery, Super Pharm, Mango, Aristo Shmat, as well as fashion shops, souvenirs, jewellery, coffee shops, restaurants, fast food, sunglasses and more.

Since it opening, Mall HaYam has get its goal as being the least expensive mall in Israel, and to a large extent, this has been proven to be true.
Mall HaYam is next to the site of Umm RashRash and adds an additional aspect to the visitors to the promenade.

Shalom Center

The Shalom Center is located at the junction of HaTmarim Blvd. and the Arava Rd., directly opposite the Terminal of the Eilat airport.

In Shalom center you will find clothing and shoe stores, souvenirs, bags, coffee shops, a branch of the Israel Discount Bank, car rental agencies and more.
You can cut through the veteran Shalom centre to the new section of the center which is presently undergoing a renovation and change in concept.

City Center

The most veteran center in the city is located here, and in bygone days it was called "half Past Midnight Center".
In the local slang (only) it's called "Central Center"...
In the city center you will find the business offices of Bezeq (the telephone company), coffee shops, hairdressers  and the Ministry of Interior's office.

North Beach Promenade

This promenade runs along the beaches, parallel to the Neptune  hotel and the Sheraton Moriah hotel. On the North Beach Promenade you will find vendors and carts offering fabulous merchandise from the Far  East, art work, paintings and carvings, jewellery and decorated, for the most part, in an unusual and representative manner.