Glimpses of the World

Everyone knows that the most exotic way to travel is by cruise boat. Imagine waking up in the morning with a beautiful view of the open blue ocean or another country or island you have never seen before!

Eilat Point - The Beach 

Swimming and sunbathing If you prefer to indulge in the "traditional" Eilat sports - swimming and sunbathing - you are invited to any of the many beaches scattered along the shore line. All beaches in Eilat feature a snack bar, bar or restaurant, lounge chairs and a pleasant atmosphere. Some beaches offer towels, sunglasses, suntan lotions and other swimming/tanning accessories for sale. Where tanning is concerned, caution is more than advisable.

Too prolonged an exposure to the sun, especially for the light-skinned, can cause both short-and long-term damage. Try to expose yourself to the sun gradually, for brief periods at first, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon, and protect your skin with suitable preparations. Ensure that the preparation you buy has been approved by the Israel Ministry of Health and has an adequate sunscreen factor. Wearing a hat and sunglasses may also make sunbathing safer: and, most importantly - drink a lot. Too many tourists every year finish their vacation in a hospital emergency room suffering from dehydration. Even if you think you aren't losing fluid, you should know that in Eilat sunshine, that's practically impossible.

Green Beach

Centrally located opposite the Howard Johnson Neptune Plaza Hotel. On the beach you will find an Excellent 24 hour restaurant-bar which also serves a first rate selection of local dishes, sunbeds, showers and toilets are all available on the spot.
In addition there is a professional beach valley ball court for your use.
The beach is open 24 hours a day.
Entry is free.