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Information about Eliat


Israel is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.
Daylight Saving Time occurs between April and October.


Eilat has an idyllic weather all year long, and, even if the summers are hot, its dry climate makes it bearable for everybody.

Electric current

Israel's electricity supply is 220 volts.

Sockets are generally of the three-pronged European system.

Most varieties of adapters and transformers are readily available in electric shops throughout Eilat.


Many of the restaurants will add a gratuity of about 10% to your bill. However, smaller establishments usually expect you to leave a tip in line with the service you received. It may be difficult to get change for a large bill, so carry plenty of small change with you.

Taxi drivers are generally not tipped.


Eilat have direct international telephone and phone boots operated by cards that you can buy at a shop or stand beside.

All through Israel Fax and Telex are largely available, in Post Offices or at your hotel.

More and more Internet Cafes are operating all over the country, in Amman, Aqaba, Wadi Moussa etc.


Although the national language is Hebrew, English is well spoken in Eilat, and you will find it easy to communicate in shops, banks, hotels and with your taxi drivers.

Eilat - Things to do

- Beaches

Swimming and sunbathing If you prefer to indulge in the "traditional" Eilat sports - swimming and sunbathing - you are invited to any of the many beaches scattered along the shore line. Click here to read more.

- Diving

The Red Sea and the reefs along its coasts are considered among the loveliest and most fascinating diving areas in the entire world. The lovely undersea views of the Gulf of Eilat will fulfill the heart's desire of any diving enthusiast. Click here to read more.

- Water Sports

Most of the sports which are commonly found in Eilat are naturally enough, water sports; but there is also an array of other sporting activities, which combine challenge with enjoyment. Click here to read more.

- Shopping

The well known fact is that shopping is an integral part of any vacation. Whatever it is that you're looking for, you'll be sure to find something that will please your taste and suite your budget in one of the dozens of attractive shops and shopping centres scattered throughout the city. Click here to read more.

- Cafe

Eilat's numerous coffee shops vary from the most elegant to the popular; some of them staying open from late morning until well into the night. Click here to read more.

- Festivals

On your arivle in Eilat, it's worth your while to find out what's going on in town. It's most likely that the hotel reception staff and the "Guest relations" personnel will be delighted to assist you in discovering the events going on during your stay in the city. Click here to read more.

- Excursions

The desert experience has presented a challenge for mankind and has aroused its curiosity. Over the years, the human race has learned to get to know the ways to the desert, to cope with it and to adjust its own life style to desert conditions. Click here to read more.

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