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Everyone knows that the most exotic way to travel is by cruise boat. Imagine waking up in the morning with a beautiful view of the open blue ocean or another country or island you have never seen before!

HOLIDAY - Cruise

Imagine visiting the beautiful Pacific Islands, clear waters washing up against beautiful white sandy beaches. Amazing mountains of ice in Alaska. The edge of continents, watching the waves crash up against walls of rock all viewable from your bedroom window or the boats deck.

Going on a cruise is not only for family and couples. It also gives people the opportunity to meet friendly new faces. People spread from out from all over the world all in one big holiday vacation.

Aristocratic City

In Edinburgh, city with a dual personality, punks gather alongside kilted bagpipe players. The Scottish national drink, whiskey, is also an integral part of daily life in the capital. Every day on Rose Street pub crawls are held from one end of the street to the other without leaving out a single pub.

If your travels take you to Edinburgh, you will better understand why one of the most striking stories in the history of literature which concerns a split personality was from the pen of a citizen of Edinburgh. The hero of Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde lives in London. Stevenson's source of inspiration was the Edinburgh merchant, William Brodie. By day a respected gentleman., and by night a godless villain. He ended his life at the gallows.

Literary critics agree that Stevenson's story has become a metaphor for the city of Edinburgh itself.

Edinburgh posseses a dual personality.

In what other world city does an elegant royal palace face a crumbling old district. Where else do depressing social projects surround exorbitant Victorian houses. Behind the quiet exterior of Edinburgh lurks the highest narcotics abuse rate second only to London and the busiest police stations. Foreign visitors may wonder why such an aristocratic city harbours low life. Their answer comes from Dr. Jekyll, who, when looking at his reflection in the mirror and seeing Hyde over his shoulder, utters "I am not aware of disgust. It is best to greet him. For that too is myself."

the Gaelic "uisge beatha" meaning water of life.

Thus Edinburgh, one of Europe's finest cities, possesses this dual personality. Along the elegant Princess Street, kilted young bagpipe musicians play next to outrageous punks. Although the national drink, whiskey, is a part of Scottish daily life not a single pub can be found on this street -- the thirsty should head to Rose Street. This street lined with attractive pubs is the venue for many an alcoholic marathon at the end of which no one is left standing. Even if you lose yourself in this street you will find the heart of Scotland. Whiskey, the symbol of life, takes its name from the Gaelic "uisge beatha" meaning water of life. British people consider whiskey part of their national character.

Among the top five British exports, whiskey serves as a backbone of both the economy and the community for the Scots, and they have never hesitated to risk their lives in the streets in protest of taxes levied against the spirit. At the distillery, different malts can be sampled. Whiskey is to be savoured in order to enjoy the smell and taste offered by small sips from a small glass. However much of an amateur you may be, after the third glass you will be on the way to decoding the mysteries of whiskey. You will leave with a smile on your face and a few hours' warm glow to carry you through the brisk Scottish air for a few hours.

Alpine Ski Holidays in Tignes France

As the leaves continue to sprinkle the sidewalk like an auburn rain, fall says its final goodbye before surrendering the year to the cold grasp of winter. Marked by short days and cold temperatures, for many people winter is nothing more than an opportunity to catch-up on sleep while waiting for spring. There is much more to the season than this though, and people that choose to hibernate through the winter months have obviously never done something in the true spirit of the season, such as a ski holiday in France in the Tignes. While winter sports like skiing aren’t for everyone, if you enjoy them or have yet to try, skiing in the Alps is a sure-fire way to turn a drab winter into an unforgettable time. Read more.

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The village of Culloden in Inverness, where, in 1756, the Scots fought to the bitter end against the English, is famous for hospitality.

Blair Castle... The residence of the Duke of Atholl in Perthshire houses magnificent collections of furniture, paintings, ceramics etc.

Inverness, gateway to the Highlands, at the mouth of the Ness River.

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The capital Edinburgh... In the foreground, Princess Street Gardens, in the background St. Giles Cathedral stands silently.

Inverness clock tower recording the passing of the seasons which its surrounding flowers obey.

Culloden House, one of the castles converted into a grand hostel.